Optional Courses in Autumn

In English

Comparative Methodology: Contract Law

Prof. Thomas Kadner and Prof. Gian Paolo Romano (UNIGE)

A Discourse Analysis of International Law

Prof. Fuad Zarbiyev (Graduate Institute)

European Competition Law

Prof. Christian Bovet (UNIGE)

International Commercial Arbitration

Prof. Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler (UNIGE)

Social Analysis of Transnational Law and Arbitration

Prof. Fuad Zarbiyev (Graduate Institute)

Law Without the State

Prof. Thomas Schultz (Graduate Institute)

WTO Law and Practice

Prof. Gabrielle Marceau (UNIGE)

International Trade Law

Prof. Jan Bohanes (Graduate Institute)

In French

Histoire et philosophie du droit international

Prof. Eric Wyler (Graduate Institute)

Organisation internationale

Prof. Laurence Boisson de Chazournes (UNIGE)

Les relations économiques en droit international privé

Prof. Thomas Kadner (UNIGE)

Optional Courses in Spring

In English

International Investment Law

Prof. Joost Pauwelyn (Graduate Institute)

International Economic Law Clinic

Prof. Joost Pauwelyn and Prof. Fuad Zarbiyev (Graduate Institute)

WIPO and International Intellectual Property Law

Prof. Edward Kwakwa (Graduate Institute)

Current Issues of International Law through the Case Law of International Courts and Tribunals

Prof. Makane Mbengue (UNIGE)

The Theory and Practice of Treaty Interpretation

Prof. Andrea Bianchi and Prof. Fuad Zarbiyev (Graduate Institute)

Internet and IT Law

Prof. Christian Bovet and Prof. Jacques de Werra (UNIGE)

In French

Droit diplomatique international

Prof. Eric Wyler (Graduate Institute)

Droit international des investissements

Prof. Makane Mbengue (UNIGE)