Optional Courses in Autumn

In English

International Arbitration

Prof. Thomas Schultz (UNIGE Law Faculty)

Comparative Methodology: Contract Law

Prof. Thomas Kadner (UNIGE Law Faculty)

International Environment Law and Policy

Prof. Jorge Viñuales (Graduate Institute)

International Law Theories

Prof. Andrea Bianchi (Graduate Institute)

International Trade Law

Prof. Jan Bohanes (Graduate Institute)

Law of the Sea: Current Challenges

Prof. Zachary Douglas (Graduate Institute)

Law Without the State

Prof. Thomas Schultz (Graduate Institute)

Research Seminar on the International Law of Energy

Prof. Jorge Viñuales (Graduate Institute)

Territorial Disputes in International Law / Conflits territoriaux en droit international

Prof. Marcelo Kohen (Graduate Institute)

The Politics of International Adjudication

Prof Fuad Zarbiyev (Graduate Institute)

TradeLab - International Economic Law & Development Clinic

Profs. Colette van der Ven and Scott Andersen (Graduate Institute)

WTO Law and Practice

Prof. Gabrielle Marceau (UNIGE Law Faculty)

In French

Organisation internationale

Prof. Laurence Boisson de Chazournes (UNIGE Law Faculty)

Optional Courses in Spring

In English

Current Issues of International Law through the Case Law of International Courts and Tribunals

Prof. Makane Mbengue (UNIGE Law Faculty)

International Intellectual Property Law

Prof. Jacques de Werra (UNIGE Law Faculty)

International Intellectual Property Law: Current Issues

Prof. Edward K. Kwakwa (Graduate Institute)

International Investment Law

Profs. Dolores Bentolila, Michele Potestà and Nathalie Bernasconi (Graduate Institute)

International Law Through Cases

Prof. Marcelo Kohen (Graduate Institute)

Internet and IT Law

Profs. Christian Bovet and Jacques de Werra (UNIGE Law Faculty)

Internet, Technology and International Law

Prof. Thomas Schultz (Graduate Institute)

Introduction to the Common Law

Profs. Zachary Douglas and Phillip. Landolt (UNIGE Law Faculty)

Law of the Sea Clinic

Prof. Zachary Douglas (Graduate Institute)

State-Owned Enterprises. Trade, Competition and Investment-Related Issues

Profs. Damien Neven and Joost Pauwelyn (Graduate Institute)

Theory and Practice of Treaty Interpretation

Profs. Andrea Bianchi and Fuad Zarbiyev (Graduate Institute)

In French