National University of Singapore

The MIDS and the National University of Singapore (NUS) agreed on establishing a Double Degree Program (DDP) starting in the academic year 2017-2018. The DDP offers students of each institution who have completed the curriculum for either the MIDS or the NUS LLM with specialization in International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution to enrol in the other institution for an additional (third) semester. Upon successful completion of this additional semester and some extra credits students receive both NUS LLM and MIDS LLM degrees.

The DDP is designed to take full advantage of two leading academic institutions in the field of international dispute settlement. The program allows participants to study and build a network in one of the institutions and then later explore the regional and subject specificities and network opportunities in the other university and venue.


Course requirements for double degree students

MIDS students selected for the double degree program will study at NUS for one semester (August to December). To obtain the NUS LLM, students will be required to complete 40 NUS Modular Credits or MCs (17 NUS MCs will be credited from their courses taken at the MIDS). At NUS, students will need to complete a minimum of 23 NUS MCs of modules at NUS Law, of which 15 will need to be from modules within the IADR specialisation.

NUS students selected for the double degree program will study at the MIDS for one semester (September to February) and submit their thesis by the end of March. NUS students will be required to complete 90 ECTS at the MIDS for a successful completion of the program. Students will be credited 38 ECTS credits from courses taken as part of their NUS LLM. At the MIDS, students will be required to complete 5 intensive courses, 3 optional courses and a thesis. In addition, they will attend at least 3 workshops, the MIDS seminars and one national or international conference.


The tuition fee payable for the second LLM of the double degree program (be it at NUS or MIDS) is 70% of the corresponding full LLM fees.


National University of Singapore

NUS Law is widely regarded as Asia’s leading law school. Staffed by an outstanding permanent faculty diverse in origin and qualifications, NUS Law is dedicated to building a vibrant community and creating an environment that facilitates critical thinking and reflection on the fundamental issues confronting our interconnected world.

Located in Singapore, which for more than a century has been a commercial hub at the crossroads of Asia, NUS Law is very much Asia’s Global Law School. Since 1957, the NUS curriculum has been infused with perspectives from other jurisdictions and disciplines. This tradition has accelerated in recent years, providing a legal education that is comparative, international, and multi-disciplinary. NUS Law hosts many visiting faculty and students from every continent, offering a lively, cosmopolitan atmosphere both inside and outside the classroom.




Double Degree MIDS-NUS Alumni