Financing your studies

We encourage students to plan the financial aspects of their MIDS LL.M. study program carefully and well in advance, and to explore all opportunities for financing their studies. Possible sources of funding include:

  • Immediate and extended family members, relatives and friends;
  • Private grant foundations in your home country;
  • Government-related scholarship providers in your home country;
  • Non-government scholarship providers in your home country, including private organizations and NGOs;
  • Loan providers, such as banks and specialized student loan companies in your home country;
  • Savings from your own work revenue;
  • Support from your employer in the form of a loan, salary advance, grant or supported leave of absence;
  • Crowdfunding;
  • A combination of funding sources.

In some cases it may take significant time to plan and put together all the necessary resources to fund your study program.

MIDS scholarship program

The MIDS offers a limited number of scholarships each year in the form of full and partial scholarships. Their number and amount may vary from one year to another.

MIDS scholarships are awarded after a carefull assessment of the needs and merits of each individual file. Priority is given to outstanding students who would not be able to undertake the program without financial assistance.

Only students undertaking the MIDS program in one year are eligible for MIDS scholarships. Since they incur more expenses, MIDS students coming to Geneva for the entirety of the program are given priority in the scholarship attribution process.

Scholarship application procedure

In order to prevent unnecessary circulation of private data, only admitted students will be invited to submit a scholarship application file within a week of the notification of their admission. 

Typically, the scholarship application file shall include:

  • Scholarship application form (which will be made available to admitted students);
  • Personal statement demonstrating the applicant's need in getting a partial or full scholarship;
  • Copies of official statements of income (your own and/or any other relevant persons, family members or other, whom you might call upon for financial support);
  • Official statement from a bank or other saving institutions, and/or tax forms, indicating available funds and assets;
  • Name of the scholarships or fundings (e.g. loan request, inclunding from your employer) you have applied to and copies of the responses to your request, if already received).

In order to apply for the MIDS-Young ICCA scholarship, please send a motivation letter of 2 pages maximum to

For the academic year 2022-2023, the MIDS scholarship program is possible thanks to the generous support of its donors, among others:

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The Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler Scholarship covers the full tuition fees and living expenses during the program. For the academic 2023-2024, the student awarded with the LKK Scholarhip is Elif Kapisiz.

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The LALIVE Scholarship covers the full tuition fees and living expenses during the program. For the academic 2023-2024, the student awarded with the LALIVE Scholarship is Yuliia Pavlova.

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The Jan Paulsson Scholarship, supported by Three Crowns LLP, will partially cover the tuition fees of the MIDS program. For the 2023-2024 academic year, the student awarded with the Jan Paulsson Scholarship is Bianca Isabella Ortiz.

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The Epaminondas Lambadarios MIDS Scholarship set up in memoriam of Epaminondas Lambadarios, will partially cover the tuition fees and living expenses during the program. 

 MIDS Alumni Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of the MIDS Alumni, a fund has been set up with the aim of granting a MIDS student a partial scholarship in the form of a partial tuition fee waiver. 

Alumni wishing to contribute to the scholarship may do so here.

MIDS-Young ICCA Scholarship

The MIDS, together with Young ICCA, offers Young ICCA members the possibility of being awarded a scholarship to attend the MIDS. The scholarship covers the full tuition fees.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, the scholarship was awarded to Amelia Cina.