The MIDS and LALIVE have a long-standing partnership, dating back to almost the beginning of the MIDS program. This partnership includes the following key elements:

  1. A practical training seminar on international arbitration, with a particular focus on commercial arbitration. Through this half-day seminar, LALIVE’s lawyers, including partners and counsel, provide the students with not only practical training, but also their views and advice, based on their first-hand experience.
  2. A commitment on the part of LALIVE to engage as interns around 5 MIDS students each year. This internship is an integral part of the MIDS curriculum and a key milestone for the selected candidates, who are thus offered the opportunity to enhance their practical skills in one of the leading firms in the field of international arbitration.
  3. A full scholarship, covering both the MIDS tuition fees and living expenses in Geneva for one student, for the duration of the one-year program. For more information on this, please go here.

Speaking at the 2019-20 MIDS graduation ceremony, LALIVE partner Domitille Baizeau highlighted, “LALIVE has had strong links with the Graduate Institute for many years, going back to the chair of late Professor Pierre Lalive, in more recent years through the joint organisation of the yearly LALIVE lecture and through our internship programme, almost since the commencement of the MIDS (…) this has happened because the Graduate Institute has always been an academic institution, and the MIDS a course of outstanding international reputation”.