The Geneva LL.M. in International Dispute Settlement (MIDS) is traditionally a one-year full-time graduate degree program providing an opportunity for in-depth and high-profile study of international dispute settlement from a broad range of perspectives. The program covers all current approaches to the subject-matter, including private and public international law, and delves into today’s relevant fields, such as commercial and investment arbitration, WTO dispute resolution and proceedings before the ICJ.

Generally speaking, the structure of our largely elective program is such that if offers students sufficient latitude to pursue their specific interests in dispute settlement while acquiring indispensable knowledge in the field within set parameters.

A new modality allowing students enrolled in the Online Section to undertake the program in two years is now available. Students opting for the 2-year program are required to take at least the two General Courses and all the Tutorials (including the 2 research papers) during the first year (September through June). The structure of the second year thus remains largely elective.

To complete the program, students admitted for the 1-year program in residence or online are required to take all the classes and corresponding exams between September and June. They have then a period of nearly 2 months for independent research and writing of the master thesis.

A typical MIDS on-campus curriculum includes:

For the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 programs, the sole difference between the On-Campus and Online Section curricula is the attendance to the two conferences and the two study trips which are mandatory elements of the traditional MIDS on-campus curriculum. Since these activities require the physical presence of the students, they cannot be mandatory in an online program. For networking and credits obtention purposes, they are replaced by MIDS Online Seminars, a new feature specific to the MIDS Online Section curriculum. Distance students will be required to attend all the MIDS Online Seminars in addition to the standards seminars all MIDS students have to attend.

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