CIDS Digressions

The "CIDS Digressions" aim to foster innovative thinking, interdisciplinary research, and critical discussion of topical issues. They will enable researchers from various backgrounds to share ideas in a concise and efficient way within an unfettered intellectual framework. Contributions to the series, of a maximum of 1000 words in length, will be published online following a short and straightforward editorial process.
The CIDS Digressions in particular offer:

• A critical analysis of topical and engaging issues in international dispute settlement broadly speaking.

• An overview of current research in other academic fields offering contrasting, disruptive, or simply revealing insights into the resolution of international disputes.

• The gist of new, audacious, or simply relevant ideas, which deserve being shared and discussed in a straightforward, unconstrained or clear-cut way, either before or in parallel to a traditional peer-reviewed publication.

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