MIDS is a one-year full-time LL.M. program starting in September each year and compulsory activities ending by early-June the year after, with the master thesis submission scheduled in August and the graduation ceremony in September.


First day of classes

13 September 2021

Winter holidays

23 December 2021 - 5 January 2022

Come back to school

6 January 2022


15 - 18 April 2022

Last day of classes

17 June 2022

Master thesis submission deadline

7 August 2022

Graduation Ceremony

September 2022


MIDS is an intensive program. An average week comprises about 20 hours of in-class courses for which our students have to thoroughly prepare in advance (2 to 3 hours of preparation for hour of class is a good estimate).
The MIDS teaching system requires an active class, where students are called on to express their opinions, discuss the views expressed by classmates and comment on required readings.

Some courses take place every week at the same time and day, but many of the other activities (workshops, lectures, seminars, conferences, study trips, networking events,…) do not follow a regular pattern and they are scattered throughout the program. That is why no two weeks look alike at MIDS.

Our students should be prepared to fully commit themselves. MIDS is a transformative experience where working hard pays off.

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