Financing your studies

We encourage students to plan the financial aspects of their MIDS LL.M. study program carefully and well in advance, and to explore all opportunities for financing their studies. Possible sources of funding include:

  • Immediate and extended family members, relatives and friends;
  • Private grant foundations in your home country;
  • Government-related scholarship providers in your home country;
  • Non-government scholarship providers in your home country, including private organizations and NGOs;
  • Loan providers, such as banks and specialized student loan companies;
  • Savings from your own work revenue;
  • Support from your employer in the form of a loan, salary advance, grant or supported leave of absence;
  • Crowdfunding;
  • A combination of funding sources.

In some cases it may take significant time to plan and put together all the necessary resources to fund your study program. In such circumstances, please contact our admissions office early in the process to discuss the possibility of deferring your admission by one year.

Each year, the MIDS supports a selected number of students in their effort of finding funding for their studies. The MIDS directly submits a scholarship request on their behalf to Swiss and international foundations. The final decision of granting the scholarship belongs entirely to the foundation and the MIDS cannot guarantee that the student will obtain the scholarship at the end of the process. The final decision on the scholarship award will be communicated in April 2019.

The MIDS will select the files to be sent to the foundations based on merits and needs. However, it will also need to take into consideration the criteria of foundations to which it will submit the files. 

In order to apply for a scholarship through the MIDS, please fill in the scholarship application form and send it together with the required documents to by 20 December 2018, with the subject "Scholarship Application". These applications will be processed at the end of January 2019 and all students will be notified whether their file will be submitted to foundations or not early March 2019.

Required documents:

  • Copies of official statements of income (your own and/or any other relevant persons, family members or other, whom you might call upon for financial support);
  • Official statement from a bank or other saving institutions, and/or tax forms, indicating available funds and assets;
  • Name of the scholarships or fundings (e.g. loan request, inclunding from your employer) you have applied to and copies of the responses to your request, if already received.


MIDS-Young ICCA Scholarship

The MIDS, together with Young ICCA, offers Young ICCA members the possibility of being awarded a scholarship to attend the Geneva LL.M. in International Dispute Settlement (MIDS) in the academic year 2019-2020. The scholarship covers full tuition fees (CHF 25'000).

Candidates must be Young ICCA members. In order to apply, they must submit their application for admission to the MIDS LL.M. program through the online application platform and include, together with all the other required documents, a MIDS - Young ICCA scholarship request (by writing a 1-page letter stating why they deserve to be awarded the scholarship). The scholarship will be awarded based on the merits of the candidate. 

The application deadline for the MIDS - Young ICCA scholarship is the same regular application deadline for the admission to the MIDS: 20 December 2018.

The MIDS-Young ICCA scholarship holder will be announced by the end of March 2019.