As part of the MIDS curriculum, students must attend one or two international conferences of their choice, in Switzerland or abroad, the cost of which is borne by the MIDS. The MIDS offers several conferences for the students to choose from. The offer depends on the conferences available for that academic year, but it generally includes at least the following: in Switzerland, the ASA annual conference and the University of Neuchâtel conference on new developments in international commercial arbitration; and abroad, the BIICL Investment Treaty Forum in London, the annual conference of the Chamber of Arbitration of Milan, the ICC annual conference in Paris, and the international congress of the Club Español del Arbitraje in Madrid.

Besides the compulsory conferences, the MIDS negotiates discounted registration fees for conferences on international dispute settlement taking place in Europe, which students usually attend. They also attend many other events in Geneva during the academic year such as conferences, lectures and seminars organized by the University of Geneva, the Graduate Institute (for instance the Lalive lecture), WIPO, WTO, or UNCTAD. They also regularly participate in ASA local groups, ASA below 40 conferences, ICC YAF events and ICDR Young & International debates.

Annual Conference Milan