Manasi is a dispute resolution specialist practicing across the hierarchy of Indian courts since 2009. Her journey led her to co-found Arka Law, a boutique law firm based in Bengaluru, India. She is the Standing Counsel for the Central Council of Indian Medicine, a statutory body under the Government of India regulating education and practice of Indian medicine. She worked with the Advocate General of Karnataka in drafting the Karnataka State Dispute Resolution Policy that was notified by the State Government in March 2021. 

Before founding Arka Law in 2017, Manasi worked at three eminent law firms, two in Bengaluru and one in Delhi. For two years, she practiced exclusively at the Supreme Court of India.

Owing to the broad-ranging experience she has gained over the years, Manasi is skilled in trial and appellate litigation, arbitrations and negotiations. She has conducted domestic and international commercial arbitrations and represented clients in several arbitration-related litigation. She represents companies in infrastructure, energy, automobile and education sectors, healthcare and hospitality industry. She enjoys working on complex commercial, corporate and civil disputes, real estate and intellectual property disputes.

Manasi is keen on gaining experience in Investment Arbitrations and in public international law disputes.



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Areas of Expertise

International Commercial Arbitration
International Dispute Settlement
International Commercial Mediation
Energy Law
Intellectual Property Law
Corporate Law
Commercial Litigation

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India, 2009