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What is LAIAC ?

LAIAC is a joint initiative of the Geneva Center for International Dispute Settlement (CIDS) and the Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), and is part of the Geneva Summer Schools program. In the absence of similar institutions or courses at this scale in the region, LAIAC seeks to address the increasing demand for specialized teaching in international commercial and investment arbitration in Latin America.

International arbitration is developing ever more quickly in Latin America. The number of arbitration cases is on the rise, regional arbitration centers are created, and new laws on international arbitration laws are enacted. These developments mean new opportunities for practitioners and students who wish to specialise in this field. They also mean the need for practitioners already in the field to keep up with change.

LAIAC aims at providing its participants with both a complete overview of the general transnational concepts structuring commercial and investment arbitration, and with specialised instruction in important sectors of arbitration such as sports arbitration and construction arbitration.

Program Structure 

The curriculum is organised in a two weeks course. The first edition of LAIAC will be held on July 20-31, 2020, and consists of a General Course, 8 Thematic Courses, a practical Workshop on advocacy skills, as well as arbitration lectures and conferences. The program faculty includes some of the most renowned practitioners and academics in the field, both at the regional and global levels. The confirmed instructor of the General Course for the inaugural edition of the program is Professor Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler.

Program Learning Outcomes

LAIAC will help participants to:

  • Acquire a general understanding of procedural and substantive matters in commercial and investment arbitration
  • Acquire in depth practical knowledge in specialized sectors of international arbitration, such as construction and sports
  • Learn practical advocacy and drafting skills from leading practitioners
  • Interact with leading academics and practitioners drawn from major law firms

All participants will receive a LAIAC Certificate of Attendance. Participants who elect to complete the course requirements and evaluation receive a grade transcript with indication of equivalence in European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credits.

Language of Instruction

Although most classes will be taught in English, some Thematic Courses or lectures and conferences may be held in Spanish. Participants are therefore expected to have advanced knowledge of English and at least a passive knowledge of Spanish.

Who should apply?

The course should primarily be designed for:

  • Young and intermediate practitioners wishing to develop their arbitration and advocacy skills
  • Government officials, such as treaty negotiators and drafters or in-house State lawyers working in the area of dispute settlement
  • Advanced students enrolled in a postgraduate degree

How to apply? 

A link will shortly be made available to apply to the first edition of LAIAC, July 20-31, 2020.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for LAIAC is USD 1’200,-. Fees include all program materials and daytime refreshments. The fees do not include accommodation nor travel expenses. Additionally, we charge a unique and non-refundable application fee of USD 25.

Advisory Committee

LAIAC’s Advisory Committee is composed of the following academics and practitioners:

Executive Committee

LAIAC’s Executive Committee is composed as follows:

Contact: info.laiac@cids.ch