Next CIDS Doctoral Seminar
Monday, 4 June 2018

In the framework of the CIDS PhD Cluster, we are pleased to announce the next Doctoral Seminar that will take place on Monday, 4 June 2018 in Villa Moynier (rue de Lausanne 120b) at 18h00.

During this session, Karim El Chazli, PhD candiate at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, will talk about his research regarding The Impartiality of Arbitrators. He will discuss the many uncertainties still surrounding the principle of arbitrators' impartiality when confronted with precise questions stemming from arbitral practice. The main reason for this is that the applicable rules are often too vague to offer clear guidance to the authorities with responsibility for assessing the impartiality of arbitrators. Karim will examine practical issues regularly arising in practice such as the impartiality of party-appointed arbitrators, the waiver of the right to invoke the risk of partiality; the assessment of impartiality on the basis of arbitrators’ acts, relationships and previously expressed views (the issue conflict).

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The CIDS PhD Cluster aims at offering an academic home for doctoral students working in the field of international dispute settlement. For that purpose, a series of seminars was launched in 2015. The seminars are organized four times per year. They are open to students from Swiss and non-Swiss universities who share a research interest in the fiel of international dispute resolution. Doctoral students are offered the possibility of presenting their work at any stage of their research before an audience composed of fellow students and professors who work on related topics.

If you are interested in the CIDS PhD Cluster to present your research or to participate in the seminars, please contact The CIDS may cover the travel expenses for doctoral participants who wish to present their research.


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