Concept Papers Project Matching Concerns and Reform Options

Seven working groups composed of Academic Forum members have prepared a series of “concept papers”, which analyze how the issues or concerns with ISDS that have emerged in the WGIII sessions may be addressed under a number of possible reform scenarios. This project has been led by Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler, Michele Potestà, and George Bermann.

You may download the papers at the following links:

0. Introduction to project – Kaufmann-Kohler & Potestà
1. Costs – WG1
2. Duration - WG2
3. Inconsistency - WG3
4. Incorrectness of ISDS Decisions - WG4
5. Diversity – WG5
6. Independence - WG6
7. Empirical perspectives - WG7
8. Summary conclusions – Table

The main findings of the concept papers project will be presented at an Academic Forum event to be held on Tuesday 2 April at 12:15 PM at the United Nations, in the course of the UNCITRAL WGIII. The event will be open to all State and observer delegates. See here for further details.